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2002 Suzuki Carry DA62T 

Description: Suzuki Carry DA62T  Year 2002,  44,908KM(27,905 miles),4x4, Snorkel, Hi/Low Transfer Case, 2.25" Lift Kit, M+S Tires, Rear Bumper W/2" receiver, 2" front receiver, Bedliner


Price: $9450 


2005 Suzuki Carry DA63T  

Description: Suzuki Carry DA63T  Year 2005  14,060KM (8737 Miles), 4X4, A/C, Power Steering, Automatic

Price:  $11,000 SOLD



2001 Suzuki Carry DA62T

Description: Suzuki Carry DA62T Year 2001-62KM (38525 Miles), 4x4, A/C, Hi/Low Transfer Case, Power Steering

Price: $7,995 SOLD


2003 Suzuki Carry DA63T 

Description: Suzuki Carry DA63T Year 2003-72 KM(44,739 Miles), 4x4, Hi/Low Transfer Case, Power Steering, Differential Lock

Price: $8550 SOLD



1993 Suzuki Carry DD51T White, A/C, Axle Lock, Diff Lock

Description:  Suzuki Carry DD51T Year 1993 - 99K, A/C, 4x4, Hi/Low Transfer Case, Axle Lock, Diff Lock, 3" Lift kit, Bedliner, Snorkel 

Price: $6,500 SOLD


2000 Suzuki Every DB52V Van Black, A/C, Power Steering

Description: Suzuki Every DB52V Year 2000 - 38K, A/C, Power Steering, 4x4


Price: $7,500 SOLD

2011 Suzuki DA63T  Silver, A/C, Power Steering  SOLD

Description: Suzuki Carry DA63T Year 2011 -  24Km, A/C, Power Steering, Hi/Low Transfer case, 4x4, Rear Bumper w/2" Receiver 

2002 Suzuki Carry DA63T White, A/C, Power Steering SOLD

Description: Suzuki Carry DA63T Year 2002 - A/C, Power Steering, Hi/Low Transfer Case, 4x4, Engine Newly Rebuilt

Price:  $8,500

2002 Mitsubishi Mini U62T White, A/C, Power Steering SOLD

Description: Mitsubishi Mini U62T Year 2002 - White, 117K, A/C, Power Steering, Hi/Low Transfer Case, 4x4, Rear Bumper w/2"Receiver, Bedliner 

Price: $6,950


1999 Mitsubishi Mini U62T White, Power Steering  SOLD

Description: Mitsubishi Mini U62T Year 1999 - 72K, Power Steering, Hi/Low Transfer Case, 4x4, Rear Bumper w/2"Receiver, Engine Newly Rebuilt 

Price: $7500



1998 Mitsubishi U42T White, A/C, Service Body    SOLD 

Description: Mitsubishi U42T  Year 1998, 42Km, A/C, Service Body, Hi/Low Transfer Case, 4x4


Price $6500




















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